Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Modest Improvement in Temporomandibular Disorder–Related Pain Associated With Use of Hard Stabilization Appliances Compared With Use of Nonoccluding A


Question: Among patients with temporomandibular
disorders (TMDs), does the use of intraoral orthopedic
appliances (IOAs) reduce pain compared with the use of
a placebo control or other treatments for TMD or no


The results of the study, published in The Journal
of the American Dental Association November Issue,
present limited evidence that use of HSAs leads to
modest improvement in TMD-related pain treatment
efficacy compared with use of NOAs or receiving
no therapy.

There was weak evidence regarding the use of
other types of appliances, including soft stabilization
appliances and anterior bite appliances,in reducing
TMD-related pain compared with notherapy; however,
close monitoring is recommended,as these appliances
might be associated with more adverse events than HSAs.

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