Thursday, December 4, 2008

Philadelphia dentist and motivational speaker

A little down in the mouth? Dr. Joe Capista knows where you are coming from... but won't let you stay there. That's because Dr. Capista, a dentist by training, is emerging as the most in-demand motivational speaker and author to come out of Philadelphia since fellow healthcare-professional-turn-personal-motivator Pat Croce hit the scene.

Dr. Capista is using his unlikely rise to fame as a way for others to transform their lives, achieve balance, and succeed in their personal and professional lives. His book, What Can a Dentist Teach You About Business, Life and Success?, reached top-selling status on this year. He has parlayed that success into a series of national speaking engagements and media appearances.

In the beginning of his career, Dr Capista worked endless hours, in cramped offices trying to make a career in general dentistry. The work was good, but it limited his worldview and sapped his energy. For the next 25 years of his life, Dr. Capista practiced general dentistry and learned to apply certain techniques through the use of consultants and mentors on how to grow a successful business.

In the year 2002 at age 52, Dr. Capista decided to expand in his profession to help advance his practice to the next level. He spent $300,000 and three years learning cosmetic dentistry and improving the systems he uses for everything-from how he meets, greets, and treats his patients, to the way he markets his practice. The process allowed him to grow his dental practice in Broomall, Pa., into one of the most successful, systemized small businesses in the country.

But, it's not dentists that he wants to talk to. Rather, Dr. Capista's message is broader and for everyone. In fact, he uses his background as a dentist to convince audiences that if he can do it, anyone can.

"Think about it. There's not another business in the world where your customer hates the experience and pays for it," says Dr. Capista in his trademark rapid-fire style. "I started at a disadvantage, and had to learn how to understand and read people, and gain their trust and confidence in order to help them with their treatments."

It's just that type of insight Dr. Capista imparts to audiences as diverse as sales people, corporate executives, religious groups, college students, and of course, the interested dentist, who might want to emulate Dr. Capista's success.

It's a message with teeth. "My book and talks have really struck home with anyone who wants to achieve more in life, but doesn't know how. That was my early experience, and it took me a lifetime to figure out how to systemize my life so that I could replicate success, and give myself more balance both personally and professionally."

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Dr. Joe Capista, founder and president of Williamsburg Dental, a 5-Star dental practice located in Broomall, Pennsylvania. Williamsburg Dental is recognized as one of the most successful dental practices in the entire United States. For the fifth year running, Dr. Capista has been named The Cosmetic Dentist of the Philadelphia Sixers Dancers and just recently recognized as the 2008 Small Business Person of the Year. For over three decades, Dr. Capista has dedicated himself to the study of the power and impact of the mind and spirit in creating success both personally and professionally. Dr. Capista's success philosophy is simple; combine your deepest passion, develop solid business principles while striving for balance in all areas of your life.

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