Monday, August 6, 2007

Dentist Donates Dental Equipment to Haiti

Two dental clinics in impoverished Haiti will be beneficiaries of the relocation of Kevin G. Murphy & Associates.

Murphy, who has replaced much of his dental equipment with updated equipment, is donating his old equipment to Dr. Jim Taneyhill, a friend and fellow dentist.

Taneyhill, a Baldwin resident who practices in Bel Air, said he will direct the equipment to two clinics in Haiti..

Tooth decay is a huge problem because Haitians eat sugarcane and shred it with their teeth, Taneyhill said...

"Good equipment is hard to come by. But Kevin's stuff is in such good shape, I was confident I could get it down there and have it be useful," Taneyhill said.

He said Murphy's old equipment, including five dentist's chairs, would cost $75,000 to $100,000 to buy, and there's enough to equip five treatment rooms.

"It's amazingly generous of him to do this," Taneyhill said. "He could resell it on the secondary market..."

In the meantime, he, Murphy and Murphy's daughter, Megan, 17, will go to Haiti for 4-5 days in mid-August to treat patients there. They will carry as much small equipment as they are allowed to take on the plane in two suitcases apiece.

"I have to figure out the words for 'open' and 'this won't hurt too much,'" Murphy said.

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