Thursday, June 21, 2007

WSJ Article, 'Did I Really Have a Root Canal?'

In an article on the front page of the Personal Journal section in The Wall Street Journal, the newspaper details the growing popularity of sedation dentistry, a safe, effective method of treating patients who are anxious about dental visits or are uncomfortable in the dentist's chair.

The Journal article extensively quotes Dr. Michael Silverman, president and founder of the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS), the world's leading educator of dentists who offer what is widely known as sedation dentistry.

"This will come as great news to the 85 million Americans who the Journal notes avoid the dentist out of dread," says Dr. Silverman, who personally has treated more than 2,750 previously reluctant patients.

DOCS advises consumers interested in locating a DOCS-trained sedation dentist in their area to visit . The web site also provides more information on why DOCS-trained dentists are the world's #1 provider of this anxiety-free treatment.

Dentists who would like to attend an upcoming DOCS course so that they too can answer their patients' requests for oral sedation should visit or phone: 1-877-325-3627.

"Many patients and dentists say the (oral sedation) technique is invaluable," The Wall Street Journal wrote. Indeed, oral conscious sedation has made safe dentistry accessible to great numbers of patients who previously went without dental care.

But Dr. Silverman echoes the other experts in the Journal story who say that not just any dentist should be offering patients sedation dentistry. "At DOCS, we train our dentists to meet and exceed standards set by the American Dental Association and state dental boards," he says. "Make sure that your dentist has received proper training such as DOCS programs."

DOCS-trained dentists have safely and effectively treated more than one million previously anxious adult patients in the United States and Canada and thousands of new patients receive treatment each month, Dr. Silverman says.

The core drug used by DOCS-trained dentists is triazolam, which a leading expert told The Wall Street Journal is "a very safe drug," DOCS notes. "Patient safety is our number one mission," Dr. Silverman says.

"There is no longer a need to avoid the dentist because you are fearful or anxious," Dr. Silverman adds. "As the Journal article makes very clear, it is time that patients bid adieu to their dental fears once and for all."

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